Maritime Media Awards Brochure 2015

Welcome to Maritime Media Awards 2015, a brochure covering progress in a multitude of marine and seafaring disciplines


Looking to the sea

20 years on from the first Awards, their purpose, to help build greater understanding of our manifold dependence on the sea, is more important than ever

Nicolas Delmas

The political economy of trade and development

Dr James Scott, Lecturer in International Politics at King’s College London, examines the issues

HMS Dragon

Towards a more secure maritime future

Vice Admiral Sir Philip Jones KCB, Fleet Commander and Deputy Chief of Naval Staff

Brunel’s SS Great Britain

Maritime education, research and technology

Professor Richard Clegg introduces a global charity working for greater safety at sea

Global superhighway

Whose highway, whose resources?

Rear Admiral Chris Parry CBE examines how the global power dynamics of the 21st century are likely to affect use of the oceans

Auxiliary Sail Propulsion System

Is shipping coming clean?

Dr Tristan Smith considers how honest the industry is being in meeting its commitments

French trawler Alf

Fishers and plunderers

Alastair Couper, Emeritus Professor at the University of Cardiff and a Director of Seafarers’ Rights International, summarises the findings

German warships entering Scapa Flow

The ghosts of Scapa Flow

Brian Lavery reflects on the history of the naval anchorage in two World Wars