The First Sea Lord’s Digital Media Award

The First Sea Lord’s Digital Media Award

The Award is made to the team or person who, in the opinion of the Awards Committee, has made the most constructive contribution to generating awareness of current maritime issues through digital media, including websites, handheld device applications, or social media networks.

Eligible work, which may include journalism, information resources, lectures, podcasts, video or other textual or visual content, must have been communicated to the public primarily via digital media. Nominated work should be submitted as a valid web URL, or in CD or DVD format.

The First Sea Lord’s Digital Media Award

Judging criteria

  • The relevance of the work to maritime issues
  • The degree to which the work has made good use of the particular qualities of digital media
  • The quality of the material presented
  • The depth and originality with which the work has been developed
  • Its impact on public awareness and individual commitment
  • How the work connects with its target audience, so that the age group to which it is directed appreciates its significance
  • The level of favourable feedback received, including the evidence of ‘hits’, ‘likes’, ‘shares’, etc.

Recent Award Winners

2014 Aircraft Carrier Alliance
2015 National Museum of the Royal Navy
2016 Marine Conservation Society
2017 British Antarctic Survey

The award has been presented annually since 2014.
The prize is a Whitechapel bell.