The Donald Gosling Award

The Donald Gosling AwardThe Donald Gosling Award is made to the director, producer, or other person responsible for making the film or television programme, released or broadcast in the United Kingdom during the qualifying period, that in the opinion of the Awards Committee has made the most significant contribution to the public understanding of maritime matters.

In making the Award, consideration will be given to

  • new insights that the programme brings to the subject;
  • the authenticity with which it captures the reality of activity associated with the sea;
  • the value of the programme in promoting sustainable maritime activity and safety at sea; and
  • the overall presentation and quality of the programme, and its ability to capture public imagination.

The work must have been presented on a public network and may take the form of

  • a fictitious maritime drama of a contemporary nature;
  • a documentary or drama documentary treatment of recent maritime events; or
  • a film or programme supporting a maritime campaign in the public interest.

Nominations should be submitted in CD or DVD format.

The prize is a pair of crystal dolphins mounted on an engraved marble plinth.

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