2011 Maritime Media Awards Winners and Nominees

View the full list of winners and nominations for the Maritime Media Awards in 2011

Desmond Wettern Media Award

  • Caroline Wyatt, Defence Correspondent – BBC News

Richard Hargreaves, Editor – Navy News
Peter Greenfield, Publisher – Water Craft Magazine
Wanjohi Kabukuru, Freelance journalist
Sam Llewellyn, Publisher – The Marine Quarterly
Rose George, Freelance journalist
Deborah Haynes, Defence Correspondent – The Times
Iain Ballantyne, Editor – Warship IFR
Tristan Nichols, Maritime and Defence Correspondent – Plymouth Herald
Jonathan Beale, Defence Correspondent  – BBC News
Richard Innes, Correspondent – ZOO Magazine
Christopher Cope, Correspondent – Warship World
David Squire, Editor – Alert Bulletin
Lt S Harrison, Correspondent – 40 RM Commando
Peter Elson, Correspondent – Liverpool Daily Post

Mountbatten Maritime Award

  • Professor David Abulafia – The Great Sea – History of the Mediterranean (Penguin Books)

Professor Alastair Couper – Sailors and Traders (University of Hawaii Press)
John Farndon – Atlas of the Oceans (Adlard Coles – A&C Publishers)
Sandra Clayton – Dolphins Under My Bed (Adlard Coles – A&C Publishers)
Ben Pester (posthumous) – Just Sea and the Sky (Adlard Coles – A&C Publishers)
Jay O’Donnell – Rescue – 194 (Penguin Books)
Dr Julian Lewis – Racing Ace – Samuel Kinkhead (Pen and Sword)
Julian Stockwin – Conquest – Thomas Kydd (Hodder and Stoughton)
David Carpenter – Below the Waterline (Bears Hyde Publishing)
Tim Parker – Signalman Jones – Recollections of Lt Cdr Holder-Jones DSM RNVR (Seafarer Books)
Anthony Laughton, John Gould, Tom Tucker, Howard Roe – Of Sea and Ship and Scientists – UK’s National Institute of Oceanography (Lutterworth Press)
Tim Clayton – Sea Wolves (Little Brown Book Group)
Paul Greenberg – Four fish – A Journey from the Ocean to your Plate (Penguin Books)
Frank McLynn – Captain Cook – Master of the Seas (Yale University Press)
Dr Anthony Cumming – The Royal Navy and the Battle of Britain (US Naval Institute)
Robin Burnett – Water under the Keel (The Book Guild)
Sara Allerton – Making Shore (Saraband)
Conrad Waters – World Naval Review 2011 (Seaforth Publishing)
Paul Kay – Ireland’s Hidden Depths (Sherkin Island Marine)
John Mahon – Drink up and be a Man (Seafarer Books)
Brian Lavery – Royal Tars (Conway Maritime)
Professor Andrew Lambert – Warrior (Conway Maritime)
Jean Hood – Carrier – Naval Operations (Conway Maritime)
Donald E Graves – In Peril on the Sea – The RCN and the Battle of the Atlantic (RCN Institute – Gazelle Books)
Douglas Austin – Churchill and Malta’s War (Amberley Publishing)
Quentin Rees – Cockleshell Heroes (Pen and Sword)
Hugh Boscowan – The Capture of Louisbourg (Oklahoma University Press)
Bernard Edwards – War under the Red Ensign (Pen and Sword)
Dr Norman Friedman – British Cruisers (Seaforth Publishing)
John Lane – The Martingale Chronicles (LITC Press)
Richard Woodman – History of the British Merchant Navy –Vol 5: Fiddlers Green (The History Press)
John Dempster – Rise and Fall of the Dock Labour Scheme (Biteback Publish and Robson Press)
Jo Cox, Hannah Cunliffe, Martyn Heighton, Matthew Tanner – Conserving Historic Vessels (National Historic Ships)
Norman Polmar and Michael White – Project Azorean – The CIA and the Raising of K-129 (Casemate Publishing)
Jonathan Eastland – HMS Victory –First Rate (Seaforth Publishing)
Kevin Brown – Poxed and Scurved (Seaforth Publishing)
David Hobbs – The British Pacific Fleet – The RN’s Most Powerful Strike Force (Seaforth Publishing)
Ewen Southby-Tailyour – Nothing Impossible – The Royal Marines 1664-today (Third Millennium Publishing)
Huw Lewis-Jones – Face to Face – Ocean Portraits (Conway Maritime)

Donald Gosling Award

  • Spencer Kelly – Titanic: The Mission, Twenty Twenty (Channel 4 Series)

Clive Ashenden – The Vanished, Seafarers UK (DVD)
Elly Welsh – Ferry Tales, Mac TV (BBC Alba)
Sophie Todd – Britain’s Secret Seas, BBC (BBC2 Series)
Steve Crabtree – How to Build a Nuclear Submarine, BBC (BBC2)
TBC – Megastructures – Europe’s Super Port, Hoff Productions (Five)
James Rogan – The Trouble with Pirates, Films of Record (BBC4)
Tricia O’Leary – Sea Patrol UK, Wall to Wall (Five Series)
Ian Herring – Blowdown: Spyship, Parallax Films (Five)
Sara Greater – The Sinking of the Laconia, Talkback Thames (BBC2)
Chris Terrill – Royal Navy: Caribbean Patrol, Uppercut Films (Five Series)
Daniel Markham & Kate Jackson – HMS Ark Royal, ITV Studios (Discovery Channel)
Hugh Whitworth – Submarine School, The Gamma Project (Five Series)
Peter Elson – The Liners of Liverpool, Liverpool Daily Post (DVD)
Craig Williams – Who Needs Trident?, BBC (BBC Scotland)
Toby Groom – Lifeboat Heroes, History Channel (History Channel)
Dan Snow – Little Ships – Operation Dynamo, BBC (BBC2)
Richard Bond – The Untold Battle of Trafalgar, Hardy Pictures (Channel 4)
Kate Roberts – Real Rescues, Avalon Entertainment (BBC1)
Steve Evanson – Coast, BBC (BBC2 Series)
Alastair Layzell – Britain’s Greatest Ships, Discovery Channel (Discovery Channel)
Stephen Marsh – Titanic – The True Story, Blink Films (Five)
Arthur Potts-Dawson – Arthur’s Hell on High Water, Wall to Wall (Channel 4)
TBC – Human Planet, BBC/Discovery/FranceTV (BBC1)
Jo Mathys – In Business – All at Sea in The UK Economy, BBC (BBC Radio 4)
Gordon Ramsay – Gordon Ramsay – Shark Bait, Optomen TV (Channel 4)
Andrew Thompson – The Secret Life of the Wave, BBC Scotland (BBC4)
Ewen Angus & Seona Robertson – The Lighthouse Stevensons, Caledonia TV (BBC4)

Maritime Fellowship Award

  • Captain Richard Woodman – Shipmaster, Elder Brother of Trinity House and Maritime Historian

Desmond Wettern Fleet Award

  • 845 Naval Air Squadron