2010 Maritime Media Awards Winners and Nominees

View the full list of winners and nominations for the Maritime Media Awards in 2010

Desmond Wettern Media Award

  • Tom MacSweeney, Correspondent and broadcaster

Richard Hargreaves, Editor – Navy News
James Tweed, Webmaster – Shipping Podcasts
Iain Ballantyne, Editor – Warship International Fleet Review
Darren Harbar, Photographer – Bauer Media
Richard Innes, Writer – Zoo Publications
Commander Sue Eagles QVRM RNR, Communications Director – Fly Navy 100
Des Good, Managing Director – Grosvenor Television
Stuart Hood, Journalist – Bauer Media

Mountbatten Maritime Award

  • Richard Guilliatt and Peter Hohnen – The Wolf: How One German Raider Terrorised the Southern Seas during the First World War (Transworld Publishers)

Richard Walsh – Sailing Barge Master: The Story of a Victorian Bargeman (Chaffcutter Books)
Compiled by Michael Pitkeathly and Captain David Wixon RN – Submarine Courageous: Cold War Warrior, The Life and Times of a Nuclear Submarine (HMS Courageous Society)
John C. Payne – Piracy Today: Fighting Villainy on the High Seas (Sheridan House)
David Mearns – The Search for the Sydney (HarperCollins)
David Smith and John Johnson-Allen – Voices from the Bridge: Recollections of members of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners (Seafarer Books)
Commander John M Bingeman RN – The First HMS Invincible (1747-1758): Her Excavations (1980-1991) (Oxbow Books)
Don Kindell – Royal Navy Roll Of Honour Between the Wars 1918-1939 (Naval-History.Net)
George Heron – HMS Intrepid: Her Final Journey (HMS Intrepid Association)
Ian Gardiner – The Flatpack Bombers: The Royal Navy and The Zeppelin Menace (Pen & Sword Books)
Lt Cdr Ben Warlow RN – Yesterday’s Navy: A Selection of Royal Navy Ship Histories of World War 2 (Maritime Books)
Geoffrey Till – Seapower: A Guide for the Twenty-First Century Routledge, Frank Cass
Mark Ormrod RM – Man Down: An Awesome True Account of Marines in Combat and One Man’s Remarkable Courage (Bantam Press)
Major Mark Hammond DFC RM – Immediate Response: From the Heart of the Afghan Battlefield, a Chinook Pilot’s Explosive True Story (Penguin Books)
Roger Paine – Call the Hands: A Collection of My Naval Yarns (Book Guild Publishing)
Ronald Bruce Stephens, Croix de Guerre, and Sue and Andy Parlour – HMS Tarana, Under Two Flags: Life on Board a Clandestine Trawler, as Part of SOE’s Secret Operations in the Mediterranean Sea During World War Two (Ten Bells Publishing)
Lawrence Paterson – Black Flag: The Surrender of Germany’s U-Boat Forces 1945 (Seaforth Publishing)
Ross Kemp – Pirates (Penguin Books)
William Stone – Hero Of The Fleet, Two World Wars, One Extraordinary Life: The Memoirs of Centenarian William Stone (Mainstream Publishing (Edinburgh) Ltd)
Nicklas Zetterling and Michael Tamelander – Bismarck: The Final Days of Germany’s Greatest Battleship (Casemate Publishing UK)
John F White – The Milk Cows: The U-boat Tankers, 1941-1945 (Pen & Sword Books)
E C Coleman – The Pig War: The Most Perfect War in History (The History Press)
Brian Lavery – Empire of the Seas: How the Navy Forged the Modern World (Conway Anova Books)
Vincent O’Hara – Struggle for the Middle Sea: The Great Navies at War in the Mediterranean 1940-1945 (Conway Anova Books)
Brian Lavery – We Shall Fight on the Beaches: Defying Napoleon and Hitler, 1805 and 1940 (Conway Anova Books)
Geoff Puddlefoot – The Fourth Force: The Untold Story of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary since 1945 (Pen and Sword Books)
Ted Macey and Merry Swan – Jack the Lad RN: The Collected Drivel, Doodles and Ditties of a Dedicated Dabtoe (Troubador Publishing)
Michael Wilson – For Them the War Was Not Over: The Royal Navy in Russia 1918-1920 (The History Press)
Brian Izzard – Gamp VC: The Wartime Story of Maverick Submarine Commander Anthony Miers (Haynes Publishing)
Joshua Levine – Forgotten Voices of Dunkirk: The Full Story of Operation Dynamo, in the Words of Those Who Were There (Ebury Press – In Association with the Imperial War Museum)
Nicholas Black – The British Naval Staff in the First World War (Boydell and Brewer)
Mike Perham – Sailing the Dream (Bantam Press)
Simon Michell – A Global Force (Newsdesk Media)
Iain Ballantyne – Killing the Bismarck (Pen and Sword Books)
Conrad Waters (Ed) – Seaforth World Naval Review 2010 (Seaforth Publishing)

Donald Gosling Award

  • Dan Snow – Empire of the Seas, BBC2

Ice Patrol, National Geographic
Megastructures – Built from Disaster, Five
Warship – HMS Bulwark, Five
Sea Patrol UK, Five
Timeshift – The Last Days of the Liners, BBC4
Coastline Cops, ITV
High Seas, High Stakes, Virgin 1
Mighty Ships, Quest
Art of the sea, BBC4
The Box That Changed Britain, BBC4
All at Sea, ITV
Building Britain’s Ultimate Warship, Channel 4

Maritime Fellowship Award

  • David Mearns – Undersea explorer

Desmond Wettern Fleet Award

  • HMS Kent